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you didn't lose it 

happiness has always been here

you just lost perspective 

- rupi kaur

The Wednesday Program

Our tentpole 6-month program, we'll dive deep into healing and work through your imbalances through our 4-step process - mind, heart, move, heal. We will work hand in hand to work on a deeper level to untangle how your food entwines with your world, and how your nutrition and eating behaviors can better support you. Together we'll create actionable steps that help you reach your goals, and a shinier you. 


  • two, 50-minute video calls per month

  • email support between sessions 

  • handouts, resources, and more

  • lots of love and unconditional support 

The Wednesday Group Program

We all know we get by with a little help from our friends. The Wednesday Group Coaching will be led by Wednesday, and will support you in getting the guidance you need to create real, actionable change. Being in a group setting allows you to identify and work on yourself, while also sharing experiences, frustrations, and success moments with a like-minded crew for added support


  • two, 50-minute group video calls per month

  • handouts, resources for added support

  • lots of love and unconditional support from your leader and fellow group members

Book 30 minutes with us below to chat more about what would work best for you, and to officially sign-up for your program. 

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