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At Wednesday, we know how hard it is

not to be a diet pleaser.

The challenge in today’s diet culture is that many people do not value (or trust) their body cues. Instead, they eat based on external factors like rules and diet plans, which ultimately creates a disconnection between your mind and your body.


Just because the Keto diet worked wonders for Sarah's Dad, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Are you able to intuitively feel what your body needs because you’re only allowing yourself to eat within a 6 hour window each day? Likely not. Some days you need to scream into a pillow after your boss said that passive-aggressive thing to you, and some days you wake up happy, ready to take on the day. Your emotional needs change on a daily basis, so why wouldn’t your physical and nutritional needs change as well?

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I’m Alex, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the Founder of Wednesday Wellness. 

I’m here to listen, hold space for you, and educate along the way. I grew up in New York and currently live in San Francisco.


I could regale you with stories of my own disordered eating, the endless stress I’ve endured in my head about the way my body looks, the unending attempt at the latest diet, and all of the unhappiness that ensued… but really all you need to know is that I’m just like you. I’ve sat in your seat, felt your struggles, cried those same tears of frustration.  I'm finally in a place where I’m okay with feeling the imbalances, and I’ve learned not only how to ride the waves, but embrace them...and I want to help you do the same. 

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